Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber laser cutting machines are an ideal piece of equipment for efficient and smooth cutting of sheet metals.

    1. NC-FA Fiber Laser Cutter
    2. NC-FA Fiber Laser Cutter The NC-FA fiber laser cutter is used to cut a variety of materials in a wide array of industries, including home appliances, light hardware, advertising signs, auto parts, sheet metal processing and more. The fiber laser cutter produces very little gas during operation, thus it requires very little maintenance and lowers operation costs. The transmission system uses ball screws from TRI and a linear guide rail from HIWIN to ensure the whole machine runs efficiently and reliably.
    1. NC-FB Industrial Metal Laser Cutting Machine
    2. NC-FB Industrial Metal Laser Cutting Machine The NC-FB industrial metal laser cutting machine is equipped with fiber lasers with a power of more than 500W for a higher processing efficiency. It is widely used for electronics, ships, machinery, high precision part, sheet metal processing and more. The machine body, machine beams and working table are fully welded and stress-relieve processed to improve its strength, giving it a service life of more than 20 years with no deformation under normal usage.