CNC Laser Markers

CNC laser markers mark a variety of patterns, trademarks, and characters on the surface of workpieces. Due to the fact that laser beans apply no force to the surface, the CNC laser marking machine will not corrode or deform workpieces, and ensures an exceptional marking result, every time.

    1. NC-EC CO2 Laser Marking Machine
    2. NC-EC CO2 Laser Marking Machine The NC-EC CO2 laser marking machine marks clear and beautiful patterns and characters on a variety of nonmetal materials such as glass, ceramic, plastic, leather and more. The machine’s laser beam is stable, and is assembled using a CO2 laser range of 60 to 100W. The air cooling and water cooling systems effectively control the laser tube temperature, adding to its cost effective service life of 6,000 to 8,000 hours.
    1. NC-EP Fiber Laser Marking Machine
    2. NC-EP Fiber Laser Marking Machine Laser markers use high quality fiber lasers to mark a variety of materials, and because it works with no consumables and requires only minimal maintenance, it has a service life of more than 100,000 hours. The photoelectric conversion efficiency is more than 90%, and the power consumption is below 500W, ensuring an excellent working efficiency with low operation costs.
      Engraving Depth: ≤1mm (Depending on different materials)